Now that the msp430 is interfacing correctly over the internet it is time to show exactly how this will be used. The main aim of the project is to be able to tell when cardio vascular suite equipment is in use over the internet. To achieve this we have attached sensors to the equipment with each one attached to a wireless msp430.  For now it is just a EZ430-RF2500. Messages are then sent to the base station which is the part that is also connected to the ENC28J60.

The messages are then sent to a server and users can see exactly when a machine is free for use from a website.

The wires are connected as follows 1st number is msp430 no. 2nd is enc28j60. 1 GND > 9. 2 VCC > 10. 3 P2.0 > 7. 15 SOMI > 3. 16 CLK > 1. 18 SIMO > 2.

The above image shows the wiring for the base station. This will eventually be converted into a PCB once everything has been confirmed working. The only thing that is left to do now is to join the two sections of code together the part controlling wireless coms and the part controlling the enc28j60. This should in theory just be a little bit of modification to the provided temperature gauge source code so I don’t plan on showing it in much detail. The code base also still needs to be cleaned up and the TCP section needs to have finish added to it.

In theory this should be able to be ported over to the launchpad and if I have the time I will try give that a shot.  The finished IP stack can be found on github. I also plan to add a few examples showing working seperate parts so that changes can easily be tested.