Todays mission was to squash the following bug. From the dump we are able to work out that it is coming from 0x66478e which is part of the larger function 0x6646E1. This is called after climate_update() in the game logic update function. From looking around the area at the code it would appear that it is some sort of issue with the map elements. The first task is to work out what reproduces the bug. As it is something to do with map elements we can have a look at what has changed that involves that. Recently I had added mouse click that used map elements so that may be a source of the issue. After trying a couple different clicking about techniques the issue was not reproducing. Strangely the issue was being caused by the information kiosk. The way this was picked up was that there was another issue raised about how the information kiosk was causing unexpected news items. The way to reproduce the bug is to place an information kiosk and make sure the direction it is facing is not towards a path. This will cause a mistaken news item about peeps not being able to reach the kiosk. When you look at the news about the kiosk it will crash. The bug was narrowed down further by removing certain functions that the news window uses. Eventually the bug was found in the paint function. On inspecting the paint function by stepping through it I noticed that the draw_string for a news item was not performing correctly. By following it all the way through I noticed that a pointer we passed into the draw_string function is also used internally in the function. This was causing unexpected issues. To remove this all that was required was to change where the original pointer was pointing to. Job done.